Evaluation of your Power Potential.          $125.00
This 90 minute session includes everything you need to
know to hit it father.
1.  A Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Screen.  Your
results will generate a recommended exercise program
that you can take to your gym, or do at home  2. Your
swing mechanics will be evaluated by using a 3D
Motion sensor device to monitor you kinetic sequencing
and computer video will be analyzed to check for
potential power leaks.  
3.  Your  equipment will be checked to see if it is
hindering your power potential.  You will receive a
printout showing your swing speed, launch angle, and
distance carried.  
The Birdie Lesson Package: $375.00
(Save $75) Reg. $450.
Consists of 6 x 60 Minute Lessons...includes on course work.
Plus email follow up...and a Titleist Performance Institute Power Screen.
This is my recommendation to begin a major swing improvement.
First Time Introductory Swing
Evaluation: $50.00     
This session takes 45 Minutes.  It is a huge first
step.    On every first session you will receive a
swing tips and a lesson review via email.
Our Teaching Philosophy:  
Helping you achieve the most powerful and efficient golf swing possible,  
Lesson Services:
The dawn of your new golf game.
The Par Lesson:               $60.00
This lesson consists of 45 minutes of one on one
instruction and includes a email review of your lesson.  
This will usually be a video lesson either inside or out on
range, depending on students improvement issues.
The  Eagle Lesson:       $75.00
This one hour Session consists of:
a lesson plus internet lesson follow up.
Lesson content will depend upon improvement issues.
Could be a combo of range and indoor video.
The Par Lesson Package:  $250.  
(Save $50).  Reg. $300.
Consists of 5 x 45 Minute Lessons plus email follow up.
Video and range only...no course work.
Individual Lessons Rates:
All lessons include a follow up email review.
The Super Lesson.         $125.00
90 Minutes.
All aspects of your game will be evaluated.
Driving, Irons, Pitch Shots, Chip Shots, and Putting.
This is a great lesson for someone visiting from Out of
Lesson Packages:
Three One Hour Lesson Package   $195.
This series will include video and range and course work.
Email reviews will be sent to follow up.
(Save $30).
I recommend this package for a minor swing change.
Gift Certificates are available.
I can mail it to you, email it to you, or
you can pick it up in the Academy.  
Payment can be arranged via
Check, Credit Card, or Pay Pal.  
Bring a Buddy Special Lesson.
(spouse, friend, son or daughter even
your uncle visiting from Montana).

90 minutes of instruction.

The lesson will be tailored to your needs.  
It could include any or all of the following
1. computerized video.
2. real ball flight on the range.
3. putting and chipping green.
4. on course special shots...sand and
rough, side hill lies, etc.
5.  You will receive an online video review
with keys to work on.

This lesson is now available Weekdays
and on Saturdays or Sundays by
You can book a time after 8 AM that
works best for you.

Only 24 hour notice is necessary.

The cost of this lesson is only $125.00
total for both golfers.  ($62.50 each).
Regular Price $150.00.
Two Lesson Special:
Two 45 Minute "Par" Lessons for only
Regular Price $120.00  Save $25.00.
Pick what you want to work on...
Distance? Short game? Slice cure?
This gives you a cure and a follow up
lesson.  Great for working on curing a
slice or adding more distance.