Why this is vital:
We use the Ball Flight Simulator
from Golf Achiever that
produces ball flight results with
98% accuracy.
Stay in touch with us via the Internet.
You can send in a new swing from your
Video Cell Phone or any other digital
camera and we can produce a lesson
for you to view on our website so you
can make sure you are on the right
We use technology
to make learning golf
a FUN experience!
Owner and Director of
Instruction Jim Fleming is a
veteran of 4
7 years in the Golf
Business.  He played on the
Sacramento State Golf Team
from 1967 until 1969 and
played on the Fort Ord Golf
Team in 1970 and 1971.
Since 1994, he has helped
over 100 Northern California
Golf Pros to learn how to use
the latest in computerized golf
teaching technology.  He has
participated in over
digital swing analysis sessions.
Jim continues to do Golf
Teacher training through his
other business: "Pacific Golf
Jim Fleming is a certified member
of  the United States Golf
Teachers Federation.  Level 3.
The dawn of your new golf game.
3D Body Motion Sensing
Technology from "i
Developed by engineers trained
at M.I.T.  This shows your swing's
Biomechanics in 3D.
How this will help your swing:
Measuring the way you utilize your big
power producing muscles is a key to
maximizing the distance you hit the ball.
You will also see how well you maintain
your spine angle during your swing, this
is a key to consistently solid ball striking.
You can even add an audio tone to alert
you if your swing is incorrect.
3D Golf Club and Putter Tracking
Technology from
"iClub."  Providing
real time 3D Feedback.
How this will cure your swing faults
and improve your putting:
By viewing the motion of your golf club
or putter instantly after you hit a shot,
from various angles, you will be able to
monitor your results and quickly make
the corrections necessary to improve.
Instant Video Feedback from
Astar Learning Systems.
How this will help you learn:
"Real time" instant video feedback is
one of the quickest ways to change a
body motion.  You can compare your
swing to a Pro Model or compare your
most recent swing to the your own
"ideal" swing that was saved in the
You will gain confidence from positive
We have over 200 Pro Models for you
to compare to.
This makes learning or improving so
much faster for beginners and experts.
Seeing the flight of your ball is
essential to your learning process.  
It will confirm the results that you are
looking for.
Our unique computerized technologies that provide
the vital feedback include:
Maintain your improvement.
Stay connected to us via the
We use the breakthrough Video
Internet communication tools
provided by Astar My-Pro Interactive
Learning Software.
Photos of Studio:
"high tech wonderland"
Our secret to your learning the golf swing faster is instant "real-time" visual and audio
feedback.  Our computers show you exactly what your body just did in your swing.  
Just hitting balls on the driving range can not provide this key information.  
Weight Right "Force Plate" Computer.
This computer is critical to helping you
obtain your maximum power and
consistent balance during your swing.
In October of 2008,
Jim Fleming obtained a Level 3
Golf Professional Certification
(GP3) from the Titleist
Performance Institute. (MyTPI).
He became the first Golf
Teaching Professional in
Northern California to achieve
this level of Certification.
Jim is a TPI Certified
Golf Biomechanist.
Achieving "GB 2"
Certification from the
Titleist Performance
Institute in 2008.