What would a Jim Fleming Golf Swing Newsletter be without Ben
In his book "The Modern Fundamentals" Hogan says:
"Supinating sets up a number of extremely desirable actions.  It helps a
player to develop a properly wide forward arc.  It puts him in a position
where his arms are well extended at impact and will be fully extended
just after impact, as they swing out toward his objective.  The wider the
arc, the more room he has in which to build up clubhead speed, the
prime factor behind distance.  Every good golfer supinates his lead
wrist.  It is a must."
It is important to notice that Hogan has moved his weight into his left leg
without moving his spine at all.  The spine is actually maintaining its tilt to
the right.  This will allow him to compress and loft the ball at impact.  Be
extremely careful to shift and turn the hips while keeping the head and
spine in place.
May 2011 Newsletter Golf Swing Tips:  One thing common to every great golfer:
You must maintain a flat lead wrist at impact.  Ben Hogan called this a Supinated Lead Wrist.
Golfer of the Month:   Luke Donald.
Below Luke demonstrates the Flat lead wrist at impact in a classic way.
Luke Donald and Annika
Sorenstam show how the back
of the lead wrist stays flat on the
back swing and on the follow
through in putting. These are
two of the greatest putters the
game has ever know.  This is
the modern putting stroke that
has evolved because of super
fast greens.
The stroke of 50 years ago
requires some loft to be put on
the ball.  The stroke today is a
like a pendulum and it produces
a pure roll from impact.