June 2011 Newsletter Golf Swing Tips:  Jack Nicklaus.  "His Key Swing Move."
One of my favorite all time golf instruction books is "Jack Nicklaus, The Full Swing."  It was written by Jack in 1982.
On page 113 of this book you will find the photo I have placed below.  It shows Jack at the top of his back swing
(Frame One) and then follows him down to just past impact.  He has placed a orange bar across his shoulders.
His swing thought was too hold the shoulders for a split second at the beginning of his downswing.  What I love
about these picture
s is that it is so clear how the club shaft is approaching the ball from the correct angle.
The three frames shown below show the sequence of Jack's swing from just short of the
completion of his back swing, to the completed back wing, and then the beginning of the down
swing.  Frame number three is critical.  He has started to shift his weight and unwind his hips
while his right shoulder has maintained it's position.  This has dropped his arms back down to a
very similar position to the going back position (frame one.)  These photos are from Ken
's book, "The Methods of the Golf Masters."
For my more advanced players, Jack Nicklaus has what is called a "Two Plane" Swing.
This means that his arms go up higher than his shoulders.   Other famous Two Plane Swingers
are Tom Watson, David Toms, and Jim Furyk.  One plane swingers move their arms on the
same plane as the shoulders.  Compare Jim Furyk and Matt Kuchar below.   When your arms
are swinging flat or on one plane, it isn't as necessary to hold your shoulder turn at the start of
your downswing to allow the arms to drop down on the downswing.   
So be sure you understand your swing type.  As a general rule, I prefer the two plane swing for
weaker players.  It will produce more speed.
Call and ask me if your have questions.
Pardon the quality of this photo above, it is video print from Jack's 2nd shot on 18 in the
2000 US Open at Pebble Beach.  He hit the green in two, not bad for a 60 year old.  Notice
the circles on his left knee at the top of the back swing (green) and the beginning of the
downswing (yellow) on right.  You can really see how he moves his shoulders last.
Jim Furyk on left  (Two Plane) and Matt Kuchar on right (One plane).