December 2012 Newsletter Golf Swing Tips:  
The key to accuracy and consistency:  The downswing plane.
Accuracy and consistency in golf
depends upon an "on plane"
approach to the ball on the
downswing.  If you come down into
the impact area from too far outside
or inside of the proper plane you will
put spin on the ball that will make it
very hard to find the fairway.  
Study the swing of former Masters
winner Trevor Immelman on the left.   
You will see where I have drawn a
yellow plane line from the ball up
through Trevor's armpit.  Think of
this yellow line as a plane of glass.

Imagine a hole in the glass so you
can rotate your hips and shoulders.

It is vital not to break the glass on
the downswing.  
Study the bump of hips exhibited by
Fred Couples on the left.  From the top
of the backswing, Fred looks like he
shifts to the left leg to start his
downswing.  This is a perfect
illustration of the bump necessary to
drop the arms down into the the
correct plane.
TIP FOR HOME:  Make your own club path trainer.
The photo on the right shows a yard stick with yellow tape on it to
create my intended target line.  Then I placed two yellow sticks to
create the correct path of the clubhead just before impact and
then past impact.  I will practice making slow swings feeling the
clubhead going through correctly.  You can even do this with
little swings that only go back about hip high.  The trick is to train
your hands and body to deliver a square face to the ball at
impact while swinging along the correct path.
It is almost impossible to make a consistently correct downswing without getting into the proper
position at the top of your backswing.  Notice that Trevor has his clubshaft pointing to the target
at the top of his backswing.  This is crucial to allow the clubshaft to come down correctly.
With your driver it is vital to swing level through the impact
area (or even a degree or two up on the ball).  If you swing
down on the ball with too steep a downswing you will not get
your maximum distance.  The picture above shows how the
ball must be hit.  This requires a clubhead coming into the ball
on the correct plane as well.

Always feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.....I love to help.
The sequence on the left shows
Trevor from the face view.  Notice the
bump of his hips from the yellow line to
the red line as he starts his downswing.
Then notice how he rotates his hips
and shoulder to finish the swing.