December 2011 Newsletter Golf Swing Tips:  Rory McIlroy.  What you can learn from his swing.
For those of you who are advanced players.  Rory does something with his hip turn that I find fascinating.  He actually turns his
hips so fast that they "recoil" just past impact.

I would recommend that you google:  
Rory McIllory ESPN Sports Science , to see a unbelievable research piece on this "recoil"
movement.   Please note that I am positive that this "recoil" is not a conscious move on Rory's part.  It is merely a function of the
speed of his hip turn.   

When you look at this piece you will see first hand what separates great players from the rest of us mere mortals.
However I am convinced that if you work to increase your hips speed and improve your kinematic sequence you will hit it farther.
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I encourage all of my students to study the swings of the best players in the world.  However, I also try to emphasise that we are all
very different from Rory.  He is only 22.  He is gifted with a natural flexibility, strength, and coordination that is totally unique to him.

Trying to match his swing frame by frame could put you in a padded room at the Napa State Hospital.
 However, the great news is
there are some key positions
of Rory's that we can all can achieve (or at least strive for).
Key Rory Positions that we can all achieve:
1.  Great Grip and Posture.
2.  Steady Head throughout the swing.
3.  Arms swing up and down on plane (on the same path).
4.  He reaches a superb back swing position.
5.  His hips lead the downswing and are in proper sequence with the arms.
6.  He finishes in perfect balance.