Napa Valley Golf Academy

Jim Fleming is now teaching
at the Napa Golf Course at
Kennedy Park.
2295 Streblow Dr.
Napa, CA.  94558

707-320-3175 (cell and text).

Lessons by Appointment.
Available 7 days a week.


Golf Instructor and Coach:
Jim Fleming
Level III Certified Titleist Performance Institute
Golf Fitness Instructor and a Member of the
United States Golf Teacher's Federation.

Jim is the first Golf Instructor in Northern
California to reach the Level Three
Certification from the Titleist Performance
Institute.  He is also a certified golf
Biomechanist.  (TPI GB Level 2)
Napa Golf Lessons.
We were one of the first golf teaching facilities in the world to offer the
following combination of computer technologies to help you learn:

  • Computerized Video of your swing replays automatically, giving you real-time feedback
    of your results. Instant visual feedback about what your body is doing helps you
    learn so much faster than just hitting balls on the range.

  • We use the same video capture software programs as the Tour Swing Coaches.

For Special Events we will set up:
  • Ball Flight Simulation with 98% accuracy.  See what your swing is causing the ball to
    do.  You will get spin, launch angle, ball speed, club path and carry distance results
    immediately after you hit the ball.  

  • 3D Body Motion Sensor, Golf Club Tracking and Putting Stroke Analysis.     
    Technology developed by M.I.T. Scientists.  You will instantly see where your power
    leaks are.  This technology checks the critical kinetic sequence of your swing.

All lessons can include:
  • Internet review and follow up of your key swing goals.

  • Golf Fitness Evaluations will be offered through the Titleist Performance Institute.
"This business is dedicated to the late Ernie Barbour of San Ramon, California.
He was the best golf instructor that I have ever met, and he is my role model for
this Academy."
 Jim Fleming
You will love the instant visual feedback that you get from our computers.      
This feedback coupled with our suggestions about what your best swing
should look like will help you to make positive changes very rapidly.                 
Our practice sessions will further reinforce your great new move and give you

We will always have your best swing saved on file so if you ever get off track you
can come back in and get a quick fix.
Golf Lessons in Napa.  A very comfortable, fun way to learn.  Fast, Long Lasting, Results.
Be sure and think of the Napa Valley Golf Academy for your next Golf Lesson in Napa.
"When I first started working with Jim, I did not have a clue that I was doing anything wrong.
I also didn't have a clue about club position or swing planes, I just knew I wanted to get better.
Through a series of lessons and dedicated work with Jim, my overall understanding of the golf
swing mechanics has greatly improved.  I feel like I am playing the best golf of my life, and
attribute most of that to Jim.  The immediate feedback and the ability to see yourself on video
was really the turning point.  The experience with video monitoring and analysis is where the
game of golf is now, most touring professionals use this method and Jim has it available to
anyone.  The difference for me was that I could start to actually visualize what I was doing and
needed to correct.  For the beginner or the die hard, Jim's philosophy and combined
technology will get you the results to take your game to the level you want to achieve.  
working with Jim, my index is now a 0, I won my Club Championship and I feel that I
have the confidence in my game to only get better."   

Jerry Johnson
Klamath Falls, OR.
Reame's Golf and Country Club.

Note:  Jerry took lessons from me when he was Sales Manager at Silverado CC.
He has lived in Oregon that past two years and still comes down and takes lessons when he